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3003 aluminum coils

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3003 aluminum coils are a kind of Al- Mn alloy, which is the most widely used antirust aluminum. It has good formability, weld ability and corrosion resistance. It is used to process parts with good formability and high corrosion resistance and weld ability.

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Alloy type:3003 aluminum coils
Temper:H18, H26, H16, H24, h14, H22, H12, O
Thickness (mm):0.05 - 4.0
Applications: 3003 aluminum coils are mainly used for ships, radiators, vehicle materials, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, printing boards, building materials, shell of electronic products, sheet metal products, hollow glass aluminum strips, etc.

Application field

The 3003 is a general alloy with moderate strength, good machining performance and good corrosion resistance.It is usually rolled and pressed, but not usually forged.As a malleable alloy, it is not used for casting.It is also commonly used for sheet metal applications such as gutters, downpipes, roofs and siding.The most widely used is the 3000 series "aluminum-manganese alloy", in which 3003, 3004, 3005, 3103, 3105 and other alloys are used in large quantities, because the content of manganese in aluminum-manganese alloy is relatively stable.

1. Corrosion Resistance. The corrosion resistance of 3003 aluminum coil is better than that of 1 series aluminum coil, which can resist corrosion in atmosphere, fresh water, seawater, food, organic acid, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt water solution and dilute acid environment.

2. Anodizing Property. Since the color is not uniform after anodic oxidation, the 3003 aluminum coil is generally not anodized.

3. Other features. In the annealed temper, the plasticity of the 3003 aluminum coil is very high. In the case of semi-cold hardening, the plasticity is good, while in the case of cold hardening, the plasticity is low. And good weldability, poor cutting performance, etc.


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