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5052 aluminum sheets

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5052 aluminum sheets are Al-Mg alloy, which is the most widely used antirust aluminum. This alloy has high strength, especially high fatigue strength: plasticity and corrosion resistance.

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TAluminum for Trailers – Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets – Diamond Plate – Coated AluminumHaomei Aluminum produces custom cut-to-length trailer Aluminum Cargo Sheets. As an option, aluminum sheets can also be laminated with protective film to help protect the surface from scratches during your manufacturing process. Our product line is available in aluminum sheet or coil for the Cargo Trailer industry. We offer various colors of 49″ wide aluminum in .024 or .030 thickness. Mill finish or color coated aluminum sheets are custom cut up to 8′ in length to suit your needs. Depending on your requirements, both the coil and custom cut sheets can be laminated with protective film.

Technical parameter

Alloy type:5052 aluminum sheets
Temper:H18, H36, H16, H34, h14, H32, H12, O
Thickness (mm):0.1 - 4.0
Applications: 5052 aluminum coils are mainly used for ship, vehicle material, cable armor, aluminum alloy material for aerospace, shell of electronic products, sheet metal products, oil tank, etc.

Application field

The aluminum-plated zinc plate for LED liquid crystal back plate has been widely promoted in modern times. The aluminum plate for LED liquid crystal back plate is mainly used for manufacturing heat dissipation back plates for liquid crystal displays and refrigerators. The LED LCD backplane produced by Hanyu Aluminum is usually produced by using aluminum alloys of alloy grades 5052 and 3104. The state is O state, the strength is good, the thickness is between 0.5 and 2mm, the width is over 500mm, and the tensile strength And elongation can be customized according to your needs. The use of LED liquid crystal back sheet can reduce the production cost, and can also reduce the environmental pollution processes such as spraying. At the same time, LED liquid crystal back sheet has more advantages in performance indicators such as strength and surface quality than traditional materials. The aluminum plate for LED liquid crystal produced by Hanyu Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material, meets ROHS requirements, and is passivated. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and other materials that meet food hygiene standards. It is beautiful and durable. It can be boxed or rolled. Packing for shipping packaging.


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