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8011 aluminum strip

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The main content of 8011 aluminum strip are Al Fe Si, and its performance is better than that of pure aluminum foil.

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For the chemical properties of aluminum is less stable, we should pay attention to use neutral detergent in the process of cleaning, avoid using strong acidic or alkaline cleaning agents, so as not to cause harm to the aluminum plate. We can put the cleaning agent used together with the aluminum products before cleaning the checker aluminum plate to see if it will change the chemical properties of the aluminum plate, and then decide whether to use the cleaning agent.

In the process of cleaning tread aluminum plates, we should pay attention to the selection of cleaning materials, and do not use tools with excessive strength, such as steel balls. We’d better choose the flat-rail standard window cleaner when cleaning.

Technical parameter

Alloy type:8001 aluminum coils
Temper:H18, H26, H16, H24, h14, H22, H12, O
Thickness (mm):0.1 - 4.0
Applications: 8011 aluminum strip is mainly used for heater, evaporator, bottle cap, etc.

Application field

Aluminum 8011 is a forged alloy.After iron, aluminum is the most widely used metal in the world.This is due to the fact that aluminum has a unique combination of attractive properties.Its characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance ensure the very long service life of the metal and its alloys.Corrosion rate is lower than that of rust, especially after anodic oxidation.It's a metal, so it's a good conductor of electricity.Aluminum has high strength.Its weight advantage is also useful in the transportation industry.Alloy 8011 is mainly used for aluminum foil and bottle cap materials.


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