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Aluminum foil for ceiling decoration material

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Aluminum foil for ceiling decoration materials is mainly used in ceilings, aluminum grilles, and aluminum squares. It is an environmentally friendly product.

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Aluminum Coils Rolled, Slit, and Annealed to Your Specifications
As a specialty rolling mill, United Aluminum has unique rolling, slitting, and annealing capabilities to tailor aluminum coil to your most demanding specifications. We deliver both large and small orders fast to help you serve your customers better. Industry leading tolerances, metallurgical assistance, quick and reliable delivery, trials for new products… these are some of the reasons why many customers prefer our Custom Rolled® Aluminum Coil. Don’t settle for stock gauges – let us show you how much Custom Rolled® Aluminum Coil can improve your parts yield and make your parts more consistent.

The aluminum foil used for ceiling decoration materials produced by Hanyu Aluminum is usually produced by aluminum billets of the grades 1060, 1100 and 3003. After drawing, straightening and cleaning, the shape is flat, the size is accurate, and color coating can be processed. The hardness is good. The thickness is more than 0.14mm and the width is more than 50mm. The specific size, tensile strength and elongation can be customized according to your needs. The aluminum foil used for ceiling decoration materials produced by Hanyu Aluminum is environmentally friendly, meets ROHS requirements, is beautiful and durable, and can be packed in boxes or rolls for shipment.


Immediat for Materials in Stock,20-30 Days for Mill Praduction


No oil spots / roll marks / white rust / edge damage / dents / holes / scars and other defects

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Wooden Pallets or Customized Pallets




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