The market demands of China’s aluminum

2. The development of automobile lightweight provides a broad growth space for the development of aluminum profiles

(1) traditional automobile lightweight application scenarios continue to expand

Aluminum was first used as a substitute for steel in the field of automobile material manufacturing. As early as 1899, European automobile enterprises used aluminum casting transmission case. With the passage of time, the range of automotive aluminum is becoming wider and wider. At present, the utilization rate of aluminum alloy in transmission case and heat exchange system is close to 100%, and the engine cylinder block, cylinder head and wheel have also reached a higher level. In the future, we will focus on the development of auto body, chassis and other parts, and the application range is expected to increase significantly. Lightweight is to reduce the weight of the vehicle as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the strength and safety performance of the vehicle, so as to improve the power performance of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust pollution. The fuel saving rate of different vehicle optimization schemes is analyzed and compared. Every 10% reduction of vehicle weight can reduce fuel consumption by 6-8%. Compared with other optimization measures, it has more obvious advantages in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission. In recent years, due to the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, automobile lightweight has become an irresistible development trend. The density of aluminum is only 1 / 3 of that of steel, and it has good plasticity and recyclability, so it is an ideal lightweight material for automobile. With the development of technology, the application of aluminum alloy in wheel hub, engine, radiator and oil pipe will be deepened gradually.

(2) with the wide use of new energy vehicles, the demand for aluminum alloy in the field of new energy vehicles will be more vigorous

With the introduction of aluminum profile and aluminum parts finishing technology, aluminum alloy parts for new energy vehicles are gradually expanded to the body, wheel, chassis, bumper anti-collision beam, floor, electric battery, energy absorption box, pedal, skylight slide, roof luggage bracket and seat. At the same time, compared with ordinary gasoline vehicles, new energy vehicles have lower carbon emissions and higher environmental protection. In recent years, China’s new energy vehicles maintain a high-speed development trend. In 2019, the output of new energy vehicles in China reached 1242000, a year-on-year decrease of 2.3%.

With the development and popularization of new energy vehicles, the future market demand for aluminum alloy in the field of new energy vehicles will be more vigorous.

(3) the permeability of aluminum alloy in the field of auto parts is gradually improved

By 2025, the aluminum alloy permeability of engine hood, bumper, door, trunk, roof and body structure will be 85%, 27%, 46%, 33%, 30% and 18% respectively, which is greatly improved compared with the current level.

Compared with foreign countries, domestic automobile enterprises are relatively backward in the application of automotive aluminum, especially aluminum alloy body. In recent years, with the development of Chery, BAIC, Weilai and other domestic automobile enterprises, as well as the production of Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, GM Cadillac and other international giants in China, the rapid development of aluminum alloy in the field of auto parts has been promoted.

(4) with the development of automobile lightweight trend in China, the aluminum consumption per vehicle is gradually increased

According to the “made in China 2025 plan” issued in 2016, by 2020, through the application of high-strength steel, aluminum magnesium alloy and other composite materials in automobiles, the average vehicle weight reduction target will be 5% to 20%. Automobile lightweight transformation based on aluminum alloy is an important way of automobile lightweight.

According to the “energy saving and new energy vehicle development technology roadmap” prepared by China Automotive Engineering Society, China’s three-step plan for vehicle lightweight is planned to achieve the annual weight reduction of 10%, 20% and 35% in 2020, 2025 and 2030 compared with 2015, and the aluminum consumption per vehicle will reach 190kg, 250kg and 350kg respectively. In order to achieve this goal, China’s aluminum consumption for single vehicle will continue to increase. High strength steel, aluminum alloy and new materials are mainly used to replace automobile lightweight. By 2030, China’s demand for lightweight aluminum extrusion materials will reach 2.24 million tons.

3. The steady development of medical and electrical industry brings stable demand for aluminum profile market


The aluminum materials used in medical and electrical fields mainly include medical bed and chair series aluminum profiles, household appliances series aluminum materials, and electronic industry series aluminum materials.

(1) the coming of aging structure increases the market demand of medical beds and chairs

With the arrival of China’s aging population structure, the construction of nursing homes, health care centers and other pension facilities will enter the peak period. Medical beds and chairs with health care and recuperation functions will become important equipment in health care and recuperation places. The demand for medical beds and chairs in pension industry will become a new market growth point. In recent years, in the field of innovative medical devices, the Chinese government has issued strong policies for many times, focusing on improving the innovation ability and industrialization level of medical devices, providing fertile ground for independent innovation, encouraging innovation of medical devices in multiple dimensions, speeding up the process of registration and listing, and realizing the nationalization of relevant fields, which will be conducive to the development of the medical bed chair market.

The coming of aging structure will drive the steady growth of medical bed chair market demand.

(2) the steady development of the output of main household appliances has brought about stable market demand

With the development of manufacturing industry, the application of aluminum profiles in the field of home appliances, such as air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, television and other traditional household appliances, is gradually in-depth. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standard and consumption level, the decoration of new houses, the transformation of old houses and the update of household appliances have brought a broad market space for aluminum materials for household appliances. China has become the largest production base of home appliances in the world. The huge output of main household appliances has laid a stable foundation for the demand of aluminum profiles in the field of household appliances

(3) The huge market demand of electronic products and the increase of the penetration rate of aluminum alloy in the appearance and interior components of electronic products have stabilized the aluminum market demand of electronic products

In recent years, with the rapid development of consumer electronics, the demand for aluminum profiles in the field of electronic industry is growing rapidly, which is mainly used in the internal structure, middle frame, shell and bracket of notebook computer, mobile phone and tablet computer. Driven by the trend of thinness and fashion, the penetration rate of metal appearance and internal components of consumer electronics is gradually increasing. For example, the shells of MACS, iPhones and iPads of Apple series are mainly made of aluminum alloy, while products of brands such as Samsung, Huawei and ASUS are increasingly equipped with aluminum alloy shells. As the largest electronic product production base in the world, China produces hundreds of millions of computers and smart phones every year. In the past three years, the average annual shipment of PC and smart phone in China is 457.6667 million and 349.0437 million respectively. The demand for aluminum in this field is more stable with the deepening application of aluminum alloy. In conclusion, with the steady development of new energy photovoltaic industry, rail transit industry, automobile industry, medical and electrical industry, and the in-depth promotion of aluminum alloy application in the above fields, the demand development space of aluminum profile market is growing.

4. There is still a large space for development in the construction field, and the demand for aluminum profiles in the construction field is developing steadily

The development of national economy, the improvement of aluminum alloy penetration in the construction field, the improvement of urbanization rate, the stability of construction area and the deepening of building energy saving concept all lay a good foundation for the development of aluminum profiles in the construction field.

Post time: Sep-02-2020