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  • Treatments to be done before aluminum coil accomplished

    Some preparatory work need to be done to ensure that the surface of the aluminum coil clean. In order to prevent the residual vegetable oil and lubricant on its surface, which will affect the spraying and application. Before forming, the aluminum coil should be treated as follows: 1.The aluminum ...
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  • Selections of the types for aluminum products

    Mechanical system design practitioners often use aluminum alloy materials, and there are many types of aluminum alloy materials. The key reason for selecting aluminum alloy materials is the comprehensive compressible strength and relative density. Two types of aluminum alloy materials are going t...
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  • The solutions for deformation in aluminum sheets processing

    Aiming at the problem of deformation in the production and processing of aluminum alloy sheets, the deformation problem will be different according to the appearance of raw materials, the surplus amount of processing and the production and processing methods. In order to deal with this problem, i...
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  • The difference between patterned and ordinary aluminum sheets

    Aluminum sheets are widely used in our daily life. As to electrical products, refrigerators, microwave heating, sound equipment, automatic washing machine engine block, kitchen supplies including water storage tank, etc. So what are the advantages of aluminum sheets that make it widely used? 1.Sm...
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  • Aluminium Extrusion Profiles Process

    rocessing technology of aluminum profile extrusion profile. Processing of extruded aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are melted and extruded to obtain different parts of aluminum.The production process of aluminum profiles mainly consists of 3 processes. they are: Casting→Stretching→Coloring. ...
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  • Little knowledge about aluminum

    luminum facts give you the information about the natural element used in many kinds of industries. Aluminum is considered as a cool stuff. It is modern, slim, sturdy and sleek. You can find aluminum used to create can, bottle and many other products. Here are some interesting facts about aluminum...
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